Top Posts – April 2012

Here are the top five posts that received the most views last month.

“Do you see it?”

“This is a helicopter, do you see it?”

That was my question to Miko as we stared at the 100+ pieces of LEGOs sprawled out on the table.

“No!  That is not a helicopter!” he replied, as if I was being ridiculous.

Being the Smart One

While driving in the minivan with Cooba (age 5), I decided to ask a few questions about the scenery that we were passing.  My goal wasn’t to stump him but instead to make him look smart.


Keeping You in Check

While driving, Cooba often asks one question that keeps me in check: “Dad, are you going the speed limit?”


Making Friends in a New Surrounding

Lou was hesitant and shy to be around our large family.  For a while he only liked to be with Mom.  Yet during those initial days, all the kids made strides to connect with the new family dog.  This is what they had to do in order to make a healthy connection:


Why do you look in the mirror?

“Why are you checking yourself out in the mirror, Dad?”

That was Claudia’s question as she observed me getting ready.  I was simply making sure I was squared away for the day, but I saw the opportunity for a spiritual lesson.

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