” No” Quotes & Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

The Coalition of No

It’s easy to join.  There are a million reasons to say no, but few reasons to stand up and say yes.
- Seth Godin

Growing Roots Deeper

I’ve got to be honest—I’m more of a planter and less of a water-er. Around this time of the year, I begin to get a little itch to add some color to my world. With great care and excitement, I check out all the local offerings of plants—looking for just the right mix and price. Unfortunately for my new green-stemmed friends, at this point, my passion tends to run a little dry.
- Orange Parents

The guy who ad libs during the announcements

(In Vietnam) I’ve never spoken via translator before and my first thought was, “Do I have any material about Vietnamese mountains? Motorbike jokes? Hmong tribal references that might make the crowd laugh?”  This is going to surprise you, but I did not. So in that moment of panic, I stood up, and instantly morphed into the guy who ad libs during announcements.  Does your church have that guy?
- Stuff Christians Like

What I Learned About To-Do Lists from my Eight-Year-Old Son

Question: Have you ever completed a task that wasn’t on your to-do list, and then added it on to your to-do list, after you completed the task, just so you could enjoy the twisted satisfaction of crossing that task off of your to-do list?  If you have, then you, my friend, are officially a to-do list person. Welcome to the club.
- Barry Hill Jr., Guest Post on the Michael Hyatt Blog

Take a bite out of Summer Planning

Putting off summer planning doesn’t save stress, it will magnify it.  Take some time to intentionally talk about summer and make plans for the whole family.
- What Families Do

Does God Exist?

When I was in high school I renounced my faith. I’d taken a college-level psychology course and in studying Abraham Maslow my faith was challenged. I’d been brought up believing God was scientifically verifiable and the concept of God logically sound. I was never prepared to enter into an objective conversation about God’s existence.
- Donald Miller

Great Leaders Use the Power of Dreams

Some dreams, of course, are about money. In many professions, people are willing to work eighty-hour weeks and travel non-stop at least partially because they expect to receive large bonuses or payoffs. But for others, chasing this kind of financial dream alone is not enough. There also needs to be some deeper and more personal aspiration.
- Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review

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