“You thought you knew” Quotes and Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

1. Ashamed to not know
“Society changes when we change what we’re embarrassed about.”

Seth Godin | Link

2. God and Radio
“I like to think I am on the cutting edge of what’s “cool” in music, but music is such a nebulous mountain of subjectivity that what’s cool to me may very well not be cool to you, and vice versa.”
Donald Miller | Link

3. They murdered her mother
“A remarkable story of forgiveness.”
Tony Morgan | Link

4. Welcome back, Ozzie!
“All is once again right in the world of baseball as Ozzie Smith has joined the St. Louis Cardinals in Spring Training for the first time since his retirement in 1996.”
Viva El Birdos | Link

5. Two posts on Oscar
“Thinking theologically in a time of Tinseltown”
The Burner | Link

6. Wanted: Tough Christians
“This is not a generation in which weak Christians will do well.
Boundless | Link

7. Who decides what gets sold in the bookstore?
Apple, apparently, won’t carry an ebook that contains a link to buy a hardcover book from Amazon.  That’s amazing to me. It must be a mistake, right?”
The Domino Project | Link

Question: What link you like this week?  Click here to reply.

 Photo: stock.xchng | User: memoossa

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