“How to Care” Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

1. “How’d it work out?”
“Doctors and consultants and builders are often hesitant to ask about how something worked long after the work is done. It feels like nothing but a chance to hear a complaint.”

 Seth Godin| Link

2. “The most common word at my house:”
“The questions come fast and while there are a few “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how” questions mixed in, “why” questions seem to dominate—at least at our place.”
Darren Rowse, ProBlogger | Link

3. “Why we don’t always tell the truth”
“From my experience, there are three fundamental concerns that cause people to shade the truth, either consciously or not. Being aware of these “lying triggers” can sometimes help to improve communication and reduce the feelings of mistrust.”
Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review | Link

4. “10 ways to keep me engaged in your message”
“Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you are effectively sharing that wisdom.”
Tony Morgan | Link

5. “His will isn’t the point.”
“God isn’t the shortcut to your best life. He is your best life.”
Steven Furtick | Link

6. “Avoiding toolish behavior.”
“Is that a typo? Don’t I mean avoid FOOLISH behavior? It’s not a typo. In simple terms, if you want to last…don’t be a tool.”
Kurt Johnston | Link

7. “Five signs you lack integrity as a parent”
“We all want to see our kids become the kind of people we imagine they can become. To some degree we want to see that in their careers, but at the most basic level we want to see that in their character and heart.”
Carey Nieuwhof, Orange Parents | Link

Question: What link you like this week?  Click here to reply.

Image: stock.xchng | User: lenscap

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