‘Honesty is a choice’ Quotes and Links of the Week [Saturday 7]

1.  The Honest Broker
“Either you always keep your promises or you don’t.”
Seth Godin  |  Link

2.  Are successful people nice?
“Nice or not, without a doubt you can still be a great leader — you just have to adjust your strategy.”
Art Markman, Harvard Business Review Blog  |  Link

3.  Making media a pro-family event.
“So often technology feels like something that divides family members.  How can we use it to unite us?”
Kara Powell, Fuller Youth Institute Blog  |  Link

4.  Surviving church as a single
“We are mere days away from Valentine’s Day and I must share a brief confession.  Single adults, I have failed you.”
Jon Acuff, Stuff Christians Like Blog  |  Link

5.  What is at stake if you don’t succeed?

“If you want to accomplish big goals, you must have skin in the game.”
Michael Hyatt  |  Link

6.  The power of knowing your story.
“Ever walked into a movie halfway through? You were likely scrambling your brain trying to figure out what’s happening on screen. If you were lucky you had a friend whisper in your ear to catch you up.”
Donald Miller  |  Link

7.  Is perfectionism stalling your productivity?
“We’ve all been there … You sit down to write a post. You get the opening line down, but half-way through the second sentence, you go back to tweak the first. A bit further on, you decide to chop up the paragraphs you’ve done so far and rearrange them … but on second thought, is that really the better option? “
Darren Rowse, ProBlogger  |  Link

Question: What links did you like this week?  Click here to reply.

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