Misconceptions of Jesus’ Birth & After [Sermon Notes]

“After Shepherds Went Home” Part 2
Pr. Ed Baker
Orchard Hill Church


Misconceptions of Jesus’ birth and after

  • 1. The Wise Men
    • Many of us think that the wise men arrived right after Jesus was born. There w/the shepherds.
    • That’s not how it went down. Let’s take a look at it.
    • We’ve gotta go back to the OT for a bit…Daniel
      • “Wise men” were educated men, could tell dreams, astronomer type.
      • Had an area of the sky that represented ppl. The Israel part of the sky had a bright star and that was when the wise men set out to see in Bethlehem what happened.
    • So, were there just three wise men?
      • Trick question…
      • We tend to think there were 3, simply b/c of the 3 gifts
      • Good point- often times ppl ‘team up’ to get gifts
    • So, just 3… Or more?
      • Matt 2:1-3. “The whole city”
      • Not just 3.
    • When did they get there?
      • Matt 2:11
      • When they got to Jesus, he was in a house. Not the stable.
    • 2 things Herod wants to know
      • Where was he born
      • How long ago was he born
    • Herod ordered that all the boys up to 2 yrs old be killed
      • Ed would guess that Jesus was about a year old when the wise men arrived.
  • 2. Herod’s craziness of hanging onto his kingdom
    • Matt 2:13-14 -escape to Egypt
      • Satan tries all through scripture to derail what God is all about
      • Satan, not only Herod, was wanting to keep the throne
      • Oftentimes it is good to think about “What is Satan up to?”
      • Ed believes that Satan put it into Herod’s heart to have the babies killed.
    • Satan doesn’t know the future, but God does
      • God knew that Herod would initiate the killing of all 2 year olds
      • God even sent OT prophecies that babies would be killed in Bethlehem
      • Matt 2:15 -”Out of Egypt I called my son.”
      • It might even be that gold, frank, and myrrh provided the financial means for them to go to Egypt
  • 3. The silent yrs of Jesus’ life
    • Jesus begins to grow up in Nazareth
    • Luke 2:40
    • Ed believes that Jesus grew up a normal boy
      • Subject to parents
    • This is important b/c it shows that God knows exactly what it is like to be us. The pains of the body
    • This was also a time that did not have medical advancements
    • Tough time to live in
    • Just like the only way you can understand being hospitalized is actually being hospitalized…God understands our suffering b/c he came to earth and lived among us.
    • Jesus faced all the temptations that we face. And he turned away from them.
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